"That's what TX2 is doing here, taking a precarious swan dive out of hip hop and into punk, but also kind of blending the two for a completely different TX2 steeze."

Rooster Magazine


Evan Thomas, known professionally as 'TX2', is an American rapper and producer from Fort Collins, Colorado. TX2 grew up in a small town but eventually moved to Miami, Florida in order to pursue his dreams. 

Best known for his fast chopper flow and punk rock style, TX2 aims to bring true punk rock attitude into the hip-hop scene. 



Best of tx2

99 proof

99 proof is TX2's latest album release. This album was produced, written, and performed by TX2. It combines the genre's of punk rock and rap, and is by far TX2's most powerful content. 



Short term

Living Punk rock


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"Born to write"

Tim Charron

"Charron zone"

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